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With an average of over 30 years experience in the semiconductor industry, the QLS team is a trusted advisor to companies designing SOCs and ASICs. Though all technical support is provided directly from our Partners, QLS will continue to support your project through to successful completion.

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Design Services

Quantum Leap Solutions offers Design Services by ACL Digital

ACL Digital is a global semiconductor services and solutions provider and helps its clients’ meet market-driven challenges. We work closely with several integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), fabless Semiconductor Companies, Original equipment manufacturers, Pure Play foundries, Engineering Design automation (EDA) and IP vendors to accelerate their products to the market.

ACL Digital's expertise in VLSI design & verification services can transform your product ideas into cost-effective, powerful, performance & area optimized System-on-Chip (SoC). ACL Digital caters to the growing demands of the 5G, Data Centre Infrastructure, Automotive, Consumer Electronics & Industrial markets.

Some of the key highlights of our Semiconductor Practice include:

  • Rich Legacy - Operational for over 15 years with several first-pass tape outs.
  • Over 600 Chip design & Embedded Software practitioners with a cross regional spread India, USA and Europe.
  • Engagement models: ODCs, On-site Managed Services & Turnkey Fixed Price Projects.
  • Expertise in implementing complex SoCs / ASICs in 5nm, 7nm, 10nm, 14nm, 16nm, 28nm and other older technology nodes.
  • Our Customers include: Global Top 20 Semiconductor and Systems Companies across North America, Europe and their counterparts in India.
  • Sample of ACL Digital Semicondutor Offerings

    ACL's automotive team is focused on driver safety, comfort systems, and services around AUTOSAR, ADAS and connected cars.

    The critical competencies for driver assistance systems (ADAS) include sensor interfacing, algorithm development, DSP and image processing and embedded software development. With a portfolio of skills that cover these adequately, the team has been participating in development and testing of specific modules of Driver Assistance Systems.

    With most OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers moving towards AUTOSAR, there is an increased focus on the development of AUTOSAR compliant software. Our team has platform expertise and a thorough understanding of different layers of AUTOSAR and can provide services in the areas of complex device drivers, diagnostics, and application migration.

    The ADAS based connected-car concept is an R&D project developed by us to demonstrate expertise in building connected cars.

    Silicon Engineering Services, Including ASIC/SoC/FPGA Design Solutions

    With a team of senior technical experts in all the areas from RTL to GDSII, an expert engineering team and a well-established internal process, methodologies & workflows, we can work on any specification or an existing design and execute the complete RTL Design, Integration, Verification, STA-Synthesis, Physical design and DFT to tape out a complete SOC (System on Chip) design.

    Quality and functional integrity are our priority, and to achieve this we have our own processes, Project Management team, an expert senior core team, and one of the best engineering teams with experience in taping out multiple designs.

  • Ability to tape out a complete SOC (System on Chip)
  • Comprehensive SOC services: Design, plan and execute the RTL integration, IP and SOC verification, STA and Synthesis, Physical Design and DFT
  • A team of senior technical experts in all the areas from RTL to GDSII
  • Well proven internal workflows and best practices
  • Expertise in Designing End-to-End Products for Industrial Control

    In Industrial Control, ACL Digital’s focus is on design and development of products for use in automation and control such as PLC, data acquisition systems, industrial safety systems, Motion controllers and others. We have the expertise in hardware design, embedded software development and enclosure design, and can deliver complete products certified for operation under specific environmental conditions. With our expertise in horizontal technologies such as DSP, Image processing, Machine vision and others, we can support implementation of solutions for end-of-line testing in manufacturing for validation and quality assurance.

    IOT Expertise Across Sensors, Embedded Software Development and Mobile Application Development

    ACL Digital has in-depth knowledge in sensor interfacing, connectivity protocols, embedded software development and mobile application development. We have developed solutions that address specific pain points across different vertical markets.

    Our knowledge in areas like sensor interfacing, connectivity protocols, embedded software development, mobile application development and others has enabled us to build some compelling solutions targeted for automotive and industrial control applications.

    Value Engineering

    Designing new derivative products for different geographies, operational environments and features.

    Considering that there is a significant challenge in the direct adoption of the same version of products across geographies, we have invested in expertise acquisition that can enable re-designing of products with insight into the user demography, operational environment, cost and feature expectations. Through this, we can facilitate re-design and development, productization, localization of features for ease of use and others. Our partnerships with EMS vendors enable us to achieve volume manufacturing of re-designed products to meet the target cost.

    A typical value engineering project involves achieving multiple objectives, including cost reduction, feature optimization, improving maintenance, design for addressing obsolescence, improving manufacturability and testing, reducing variants, and others. We have defined a comprehensive framework that takes into consideration all the above aspects and enables systematic value engineering with visible results in a compressed time frame.

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