For our principal partners we offer deep insights and relationships into the semiconductor industry and can help grow your product portfolio, provide you valuable insight into the market and perform business development function for our clients.


Our Partners

"The following companies have been acquired after engaging QLS to sell their products in the U.S. Through our individualized partnership, QLS delivered customers and built equity for our partners over the course of our engagement, ultimately leading to a successful acquistion."

- Mike Ingster, QLS Founder and President

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Andes Technology  

The leading embedded RISC-V CPU IP supplier in the world. Founding member of the RISC-V Foundation. Offering single and multicore 32 bit and 64 bit RISC-V solutions with custom instructions and Vector and DSP extensions.

The innovative configurable platform solution allows Andes' customers to construct unique system architecture and hardware/software partitioning to gain best optimization in all aspects.

Over 15,000 seats of Andes development suite.

Utilize Andes Custom Extension (ACE) software to add custom instructions, accelerators and coprocessor instructions.

Learn more about Andes RISC-V free start program.

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Dialog Semiconductor  
Dialog Semiconductor

Leaders in mixed signal and analog IP. Dialog has an extensive portfolio of over 300+ RF and mixed signal cores including Power Management, ADC, DACs, Analog Front Ends, RF and mmwave cores. Dialog’s focus in wireless and wireline communications, Digital Broadcasting, Imaging, and Industrial markets.

Dialog offers turnkey ASICs from specification to qualified production parts.  We can start from architectural specification, RTL or customer preferred design handoff.   Robust SOC design flow and expertise.  Dialog has shipped > a billion devices in production.

Areas of expertise:

  • Mixed Signal and RF design
  • Analog Baseband for cellular
  • Precision Sensing
  • Satellite transceivers
  • Precision control
  • IoT and NB-IoT 
  • DNA sequencing

  • Product Guide: https://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/products

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    eTopus - ultra-high speed interrfaces for data center and storage applications with lowest power.

  • 56G PAM4 SerDes - silicon proven
  • 112G PAM4 SerDes - silicon proven

  • Applications: Router / Switch, Backplane (LR), Chip to Chip (MR), Front Panel (SR), Retimer interaces (50/100/200/400G), 5G Framers, Front-haul optical

    Learn more about eTopus

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    Flex Logix  

    Flex Logix™ leader of embedded FPGA and AI Inferencing IP.

  • Scalable architecture support up to 250,000 LUTs and is available on TSMC 7/12/16/22/28/40nm, GlobalFoundries 12/14nm

  • AI Inferencing IP can support 2 to 100 TOPS for more complex models

  • Learn more about Flexlogix
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    Imperas develops and markets state-of-the-art virtual platforms and tools to enable the most comprehensive embedded software development, debug and test solutions available today. The Imperas team has combined advanced simulation algorithms, modeling excellence, and a broad range of tools to produce a system that offers:

  • Supports RISC-V, ARM, ARC, MIPS and custom Fast Processor models

  • Ultra High Performance - boots Linux < 10 seconds (200 to 500 million instructions per second)

  • Over 200 Fast Processor models available

  • Imperas Benefits:

  • Custom / Proprietary Processor modeling (build an ISS for your processor - RISC-V, ARM, In-House)

  • Early software development platform pre-silicon accelerates software schedules

  • Software test platform to improve software quality

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    Mixel Silicon proven from 12nm to 180nm

  •  Camera and display (CSI, DSI) supported
  •  Silicon proven MIPI solutions for C-PHY and D-PHY on 7nm to 180nm processes
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    Northwest Logic

    Northwest Logic Founded in 1995, our mission is to deliver IP Cores which provide

  • High Performance

    Our IP cores are designed to maximize performance from both a throughput and clock rate perspective.

  • High Quality

    We combine best-in-class design practices including fully-synchronous design with extensive simulation and hardware validation to ensure that our IP Cores are high-quality.

  • Ease of Use

    Our designers approach IP Core development from a system perspective. This results in our IP cores being intuitive to use and easy to integrate and hardware validate.

  • PCIe gen2, gen3, gen4 solutions. Memory controllers including HBM, DDR / GDDR / LPDDR. MIPI CSI and DSI controllers

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    • Sigasi - Redefine Digital Design
      Deal with the complexity of VHDL, Verilog and SystemVerilog with Sigasi Studio

      Sigasi is in a unique position to offer you the best-in-class experience as a benchmark for modern editors. Hardware engineers need all the support they can get to focus on the most important part of their job: creative design.
      Sigasi’s features have been tested, improved on and expanded for more than a decade now, by a team of engineers that only has a single mission: “Redefine Digital Design”. We have implemented best practices from every industry that works with hardware design and verification.
      Please contact us for more information on Sigasi.
      Or click HERE for a free trial of Sigasi Studio

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    Silicon Creations

    Sililcon Creations - Silicon Creations is a leading silicon IP developer with offices in the US and Poland. The company is focused on providing world-class silicon intellectual property (IP) for precision and general-purpose timing (PLLs), low power, high-performance SerDes and high-speed differential I/Os. Silicon Creations' IP is proven from 5 to 180-nanometer process technologies. Multiprotocol SerDes 12.7G and 25/28G.

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      Uniquify - Uniquify DDR IP
      Patented self aligning technology to boost performance and improve yield / reliability on DDR interfaces. Complete DDR subsytem including controller, PHY and IO. Smallest area and lowest power implementation. Silicon proven on TSMC, GF, Samsung, SMIC, and UMC.

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