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With an average of over 30 years experience in the semiconductor industry, the QLS team is a trusted advisor to companies designing SOCs and ASICs. Though all technical support is provided directly from our Partners, QLS will continue to support your project through to successful completion.

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RISC-V Solutions

Quantum Leap Solutions offers IP and design tools to support your RISC-V development. QLS partners, Andes Technologies is an industry leader in RISC-V IP, and provides platforms and tools to enable the most comprehensive embedded software development, as well as debug and test solutions.

Andes Technology Corporation is a Taiwanese supplier of 32/64-bit embedded CPU cores and a founding Premier member of RISC-V International Association. It focuses on the embedded market and delivers CPU cores with integrated development environment and associated software and hardware for SoC development.

Andes RISC-V Solutions

1. AndeStar™ V5 Architecture: 

  • V5 is the new family of AndeStar architecture which is fully compliant with RISC-V technology while bringing extended features unique to Andes and already proven in the V3 processors, such as:
    • Andes Performance Extension to speed up common program sequence such as those for memory accesses and branches 
    •  Andes Custom Extension™ (ACE) to enable user-defined instructions for Domain-Specific Acceleration (DSA) 
    •  CoDense™ for further code size compaction 
    •  StackSafe™ stack overflow/underflow detection for program reliability 
    •  PowerBrake frequency scaling for power saving.
  • Supports both 32-bits (RV32) and 64-bits (RV64), and the latter is for applications demanding addressability greater than 4 GB or those benefiting from data wider than 32 bits.
  • Processors based on V5 architecture are supported by the same rich and easy-to-use environment as in V3 processors.   

  • 2. Facts of AndesCore™ N25F, NX25/NX25F, A25, AX25 and A27, AX27 processors:

  • Based on AndeStar™ V5 architecture:
    • 32-bit N25, N25F, D25F, A25 and A27; 64-bit NX25, NX25F, AX25, and AX27
    • N25F, NX25F, A25 and AX25 supports single and double precision floating point for high-precision data computations
    • D25F, A25 and AX25 supports DSP/SIMD instructions
    • A25/AX25 and AX27/AX27 supports MMU (Memory Management Unit) for Linux applications
  • Pipeline features:
    • Fast: Dynamic Branch Prediction, Local Memory (LM) and Caches
    • Operating above 1.1GHz with TSMC 28nm process
    • Compact: 5-stage pipeline, many features are configurable as customer's design requires
  • Support Andes Custom Extension™ (ACE) for domain-specific acceleration
  • Other key features including: ECC and parity for memory protection, configurable multiplier, well-balanced pipeline
  • Platform-Level Interrupt Controller (PLIC): To meet the common requirements of microcontrollers and real-time applications, Andes enhanced RISC-V’s PLIC with vectored interrupt dispatch, and priority-based preemption for greatly reduced interrupt service latency and easier software programming
  • Product package options: CPU subsystem pre-integrated with bus controller and AHB/AXI platforms to jump-start SoC design

  • 3. Software development environment:

  • Offer the best RISC-V compiler and most comprehensive GUI-based development environment
  • Brings the production-proven methodology for instruction customization, ACE, to RISC-V world with a complete and easy-to-use toolset and verification framework.
  • Unified development environment through the tens of thousands of installation base AndeSight IDE, to integrate supports for both mass-produced V3 processors and emerging V5 processors into one tool framework and also to ease migration works to RISC-V based ISA V5.
  • Support the popular open source FreeRTOS version 10 and also the industrial-strength ThreadX on both 32-bit and 64-bit RISC-V processors. That’s the first 64-bit RISC-V enabled ThreadX port running on AndesCore NX25.
  • Continuous contributions on RISC-V architecture port to gcc, binutils, newlib, qemu, LLVM, U-BOOT and Linux framework.

  • 4. Hardware development environment:

  • Full-featured FPGA development board
  • Compact Arduino-compatible Corvette-F1 board
  • ICE debugger

  • Ecosystem and Support

    For the past 15 years, we have engaged over 150 partners from the fields including:

  • Hardware: connectivity, security, mixed-signal, graphics, AI …
  • Software: software stack, development tools, RTOS/middleware, voice processing…
  • Development environments for complex SoC design

  • Andes is working together with many RISC-V Foundation members to provide an advanced development environment. For example, Imperas has fast Instruction Set Simulator (ISS) and Virtual Platform that enables software development before hardware is ready; Mentor, a Siemens Business, provides Veloce Emulator that reduces risk and shortens verification of complex SoCs; UltraSoC’s embedded run control and trace IP can help debug touch bugs and identify software bottlenecks; Lauterbach’s well-known Trace32 already supported Andes N25/NX25; Andes worked with Express Logic to port the first 64-bit ThreadX RTOS to RISC-V.More and more partners are joining Andes to rich RISC-V ecosystem together.

    Andes supports customers with a well-established support team that have years of experiences serving its customers. 

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