Quantum Leap Solutions offers unique tools unavailable from larger software companies that shorten time to market and engineering resources of today's complex SOC and mixed signal designs.  Our software solutions offer significant benefits to design verification, implementation and simulation flows.


Quantum Leap Solutions offers Sigasi Studio - the best-in-class experience as a benchmark for modern editors.


Sigasi's features have been tested, improved on and expanded for more than a decade now, by a team of engineers that only has a single mission: “Redefine Digital Design”. They have implemented best practices from every industry that works with hardware design and verification. Please contact us for more information on Sigasi. Or click HERE for a free trial of Sigasi Studio


Probably the best HDL editor in the world

  • Check errors while you type
  • Advanced linting
  • Code templates and autocomplete
  • Easy and fast navigation
  • Project Hierarchy
  • Integration with industry standard simulators, linting tools and formal checkers
  • Interactive Diagrams
  • State Machine Diagrams
  • Block Diagrams
  • Graphical navigation
  • Documentation generator
  • Export HTML Documentation
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