Quantum Leap Solutions has partnered with ACL Design to provide engineering design service and expertise in the semiconductor, 5G, Edge Cloud, as well as other tech spaces.


Quantum Leap Solutions offers Semiconductor Design Services from ACL Designs.

  ACL Designs

ACL Digital is a global semiconductor services and solutions provider and helps its clients’ meet market-driven challenges. We work closely with several integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), fabless Semiconductor Companies, Original equipment manufacturers, Pure Play foundries, Engineering Design automation (EDA) and IP vendors to accelerate their products to the market.

Our expertise in VLSI design & verification services can transform your product ideas into cost-effective, powerful, performance & area optimized System-on-Chip (SoC).  We cater to the growing demands of the 5G, Data Centre Infrastructure, Automotive, Consumer Electronics & Industrial markets.


Some of the key highlights of our Semiconductor Practice include

  • Rich Legacy - Operational for over 15 years with several first-pass tape outs
  • Over 600 Chip design & Embedded Software practitioners with a cross regional spread India, USA and Europe
  • Engagement models: ODCs, On-site Managed Services & Turnkey Fixed Price Projects
  • Expertise in implementing complex SoCs / ASICs in 5nm, 7nm, 10nm, 14nm, 16nm, 28nm and other older technology nodes
  • Our Customers include: Global Top 20 Semiconductor and Systems Companies across North America, Europe and their counterparts in India
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